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We work with companies across the electricity value chain on operations management, asset maintenance and energy management

What does the future look like for energy distribution utilities?

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The Challenge

Electricity distribution utilities need to minimise energy losses and outages and improve their top and bottom lines while satisfying their customers by providing affordable and reliable electricity.

The utilities are also tasked with bringing in more renewables and EVs to an ageing network while ensuring reliability.

The Solution

OrxaGrid offers its analytics and its sensors to electricity distribution utilities for visualising, predicting and controlling losses, outages and asset issues.

The Challenge

Generation companies want to optimise their assets and reduce emissions.

For Fossil fuel generators, that means minimising their carbon footprint while maintaining or improving production efficiency.

For renewable energy producers, who naturally generate intermittent energy, require more proactive planning while optimising operating costs.

The Solution

OrxaGrid offers predictive maintenance, anomaly detection and low carbon planning analytics designed specifically for energy generators to help achieve more reliable, sustainable and affordable energy.

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The Challenge

Competitive costing and regulations means that commercial and Industrial companies are facing growing challenges to optimise their energy consumption and reduce CO2 emissions while maintaining or increasing operational efficiency.

But many businesses still rely on a manual analysis of data to identify inefficiencies, which is a drain on valuable resources like time, operating costs and energy.

The Solution

OrxaGrid offers its analytics and its sensors for energy optimisation and low carbon installation to help industries bring more DERs, monitor energy for better decision making, reduce the cost of unplanned asset downtime, and reach sustainability objectives.