An analytics platform for optimising energy

We are enabling a reliable, affordable and sustainable energy future.

The way we manage energy needs to change

Companies across the electricity value chain are facing increasing challenges in offering access to affordable, sustainable and reliable electricity.

Demand for energy is increasing globally through rapid rural electrification and Electric Vehicle charging

An ageing electricity network is struggling to integrate low carbon technologies that are inconsistent and challenging to manage

Growing costs, competition and regulations mean that industries need to do more to reduce their energy footprint

So we developed a platform that gives users more insights into their energy systems than ever before

OrxaGrid helps companies optimise their assets, reduce energy losses and reduce CO2 emissions.

We envision an ultimate transformation of energy systems into predictive, intuitive, and responsive systems.

Our solutions leverage the power of IoT sensors, artificial intelligence and industry-specific knowledge that deliver value to grid operators, energy generators and energy consumers immediately.

Smarter solutions for:
  • Operations Management
  • Energy Management
  • Asset Maintenance
Reduce energy losses & outages and satisfy customers by providing affordable and reliable electricity by providing affordable and reliable electricity Bring more renewables and Electric Vehicles to an ageing network while ensuring reliability

Key benefits


Integrate with existing sensors or discreet data sources to derive maximum value from insights


Rapid value



Industry Relevant



Integrate and aggregate data in a meaningful way from a variety of sources


Data science led analytics that accurately interpret, quantify and track events


Web & mobile apps that give actionable insights and control of energy systems